Monday, December 31, 2012

What A Year It Was!

Lying over my lazy bum, I’m waiting for the last few hours of ‘this year’ to close-by. Little have we realised that the ‘past 365-days’ was all-spent under the shade of ‘Doomsday’, as predicted by the ancient guys when they ran out of their scrolls. Then, when it passed without the world splitting into pieces, we realise ‘it was stated metamorphically’. Indeed!

Look around yourself. The country of peace and non-violence has suddenly awakened to the most violent expression of humankind; The Great Satan losing its title to ‘The MAN’ and phallus, became the most degenerated scar every grown on man-kind. In fact, the world order is assumable, set to change forever and hopefully, at the 24th hour of this 365th day.

It’s not only the world order, but each one of us, individually and personally has an irreparable loss to talk about. To me, there are reams to talk for. Wait a minute! In the initial months, you were counting a loss; in fact – a great patch-up headway. (Oh, yeah!) Under the impending shadow of ‘A’ heading far-away, it was a compromising situation to smoothen the catastrophe to hit on the forthcoming ‘First of July’.

Agree! It was a joyous moment for ‘A’, both financially and professionally, as he settled down abroad with a lucrative offer but, left me for-ever to be homeless once again. For past 37-years, I’ve pretended to be happy with four walls and a silent voice within me; except of those ‘four years with some A’ – the years when I lived as anybody else. Well, I’m happy for him, but to me; the doomed walls and silent voice returned. Now, with an unknown future, a gulp-on-throat, and forced smile; I start to make a living again.

Providence! Oh, don’t make me smile. No sooner did A left me forever, few carrots are offered by the Providence. An impending promotion, a car at throw-away prices; only to realise that the ‘I am to be doomed day-by-day’.

The promotion happened without a raise and the car take-away all that I’ve raised. Inflation found a new way as bills get doubled and subsidies subsided. Banking is no more a fun and life passed paying off the EMIs things that I have rented. I was still managing, till each month – there was a broke-age.
  • First, the year-old laptop died and a new one is the only replacement. 
  • The passion dried and the muse had left. 
  • The house keys were lost and the door was broken.
  • The taps starts leaking, the air-conditioner was misused, the gas cylinder leaked, and finally, the plants dried away.

If this was not enough, a series of bouts with families, friends, colleagues, relatives and domestic help followed throughout the year; as each month passes. Well, stop finding blame with me; if relations has got soured day-by-day. I could narrate their state, at length; truthfully, I sternly reacted.
  • A bunch of colleagues promised a holiday-trip only to trip off, at the right moment. 
  • A junior colleague asked for 2-hour break when the project was underway, and then didn’t turn up or informed to make the delivery happen. 
  • A father-son duo, belongs to my extended family, stayed for 10-days at my expenses and left me a bill in an inflationary state. 
  • A dear sister, always complain and blames me for things-that-happened years back; but decline to give an ear to my woes, when I wish to lament. 
  • An aunt, howsoever good, always cribs, complains and nags like a ‘pain’.

Finally, the dear mother – she sided my dear sister and had the wrath for all-the-nonsense. Ugh, the year is finally lost and all my relations have doomed away. Sitting in these last few hours, with handful complains, I wish myself – a happy new year ahead.  

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