Sunday, November 13, 2011

Gays and Societal Repression - My Take

After following the news that ‘Malaysia condemned Muslim gays’, which we all have got and breathed heavily in secrecy; even though it is for a second; and now when the topic is being sensationalized peppered with views from two different tangents as its support system to rationalize – I like to take a dig. (Well, it’s my gay-ic habitat to dig at this and opine.) 

The discussion open two threads – how historic values being distorted and how convulsed religious belief (esp. Muslim) lead to condemnation of gay liberation worldwide. 

Histories or no histories – of a nation / state or country have ever influenced society towards ‘gay tolerance’. If that would have been the case, then countries like India, Pakistan, China or United Kingdom would have never seen the rise of LGBT movement within themselves. None of these nations, till date, are full-fledged tolerant to LGBT commune. (No matter, how vehemently we feel proud about being ‘a gay’ we all are closeted at certain levels.) [Brickbats following my way…] Expecting the entire world to be tolerant is like believing to a ‘doomsday’ and sky to fall. 

Since I am not a privileged ‘globe-trotter’, hence, I would not like to take case studies of different country, irrespective of my knowledge about world histories and social system. Therefore, I use India and its varied social systems, which I have lived and experienced as the baseline for the talk. 

Indeed, we are old as ancient, like the white-flowing beard of Abraham; with rich heritage influencing our architecture to literature to social system. We are first to have exalted ‘pornology’ and named it ‘Kama Sutra’. A book that combines ‘philosophy’ and ‘science’ in a very spiritual way yet sexual all-through – a theory which has never been countered worldwide. When you look at the book closely, it gives way to some of the interesting theories in a sublimated way. 

First, ‘sex’ is most important part of our living because ‘a good sex can liberate mind, soul and body from the baser instinct to a spiritual orgasm’. (I wonder why most of the gays from PR snigger when others discusses about sex and only sex – doesn’t our glorified history or philosophy support people to think, talk, eat and sleep sex all through.) 

Second, ‘sexuality’ is practiced and got many forms – which are naturally acceptable. There is nothing wrong being a bisexual or zoo-philia or being dominative or kinky; our most exalted literature and murals on the walls of famous temples depicted them with acuteness and adorned. (Why do then, most of the gays from PR turn vindictive to bisexual profiles or domination; leave apart the zoo-philias – people will get heartache, if somebody confesses?) Interestingly, none of these have shown pedophiles or female infanticide, which are man-made and un-natural.

If observed, these paintings or murals are done on the walls of temples or Buddhist caves – which means ‘sexuality’ in any form leads to liberation. Thus, when your minds have done it, and the baser instincts are satisfied then you concentrate on spiritual liberation. A starved and seeking mind can never attain god-likes. Period!
I might be going wayward but not exactly. The reason to highlight the above point is largely to societies have always undergone changes, which fashioned our lifestyles and thoughts, time-to-time; irrespective of how glorified the histories of a nation were.  It is therefore the social system but, even that have seen changes in a most rapid form, since its evolution. The community of transgender and trans-sexual have played a formidable role in many of the historic periods of Indian governance but ignored later. We have tales of Timur but nobody knows about admiral Zheng from China. (Sic!) In present world, therefore ‘transgender’ are looked upon with disgust, fear and abhorrence; even among the so-called ‘gays’ who don’t accept them as their own but with reservations.  

So, a society always changes under the influence of a political reign. In this context, a similarity could be found between the thread and Malaysians. Now, a political system of a country do draw its influences from the religion that majority practices. In this case, the most controversial – Muslim beliefs is under the scanner.

Coming to Muslims and its fanaticism, ‘yes’, too many cooks have spoiled the broth. But, this is applicable to Christian countries also. In fact, Muslims tend to practice what Mohammed preaches but Christian follow what nobody have stated by stealthily putting them under Jesus’ gown asking the follower to ‘suck him up’. Surprisingly, one of the above comments try to equate Vedas and Koran and Bible (though I am not a right-wing fundamentalist) yet the comparison is absurd.

Vedas are all-comprehensive yet liberated i.e. the interpretations are individualist whereas Koran and Bible are to a large extent, self-governing; thus leading to repressive interpretations. All three have discourses on ‘ways of living’ yet Vedas or Upanishads have never ceremoniously dictated their ways instead stress on the fact, ‘liberation of mind and soul from the worldly ways’. Thus, those who follow it can always interpret the readings in more translucent and individualist order. This is also applicable to Buddhist order.

Comparatively, Mohammed or Jesus in their preaching, have been restrictive and stress on ‘few world functioning as the way to attain liberation’ (like, ‘condemnation to homosexual feelings’ (which is clearly dictated by Mohammed and Moses)). What Jesus and Mohammed have failed to realize is worldly order and society undergoes changes with time; instead they have acted upon more like ‘god’ who knows the secret of life, hell and heaven. Vedas, Upanishads and Buddha never treaded therein.

Now, the teachings or ways of Mohammed are so restrictive that invariably it leads to self repression; which is not a good way. A man or a woman, when follows self-repression tend to have urges towards what is denied. My experience with Muslim men shows that ‘…they practice homosexuality or bisexuality or zoosexuality with ease but never discusses or accept openly.’ Similarly, countries which followed the teachings of Mohammed to bring societal regularization have often witnessed large number of gays in closeted or practiced homosexuality but in denial. In fact, when Article 377 was not diluted we have practiced it and most of the PR-profiles have enjoyed it. In fact, those who were real-time gays or transgender have their own world with own governed rules and we played what we believed with an honesty.

After dilution of 377, what Indian society has witnessed is large number of men folk joining the brigade claiming to be ‘gays’ but act more an opportunists or ‘sex-escapade’. They tread into the gaydom, largely for cheaper and easier way to ‘f***’ or ‘get f***’ thus, causing confusion among the gay order itself and the society. We have lost the rules of game, we have lost the fun and turn into ‘sex slaves’ or ‘whores’ to be precise.

Why I am ranting so much? The reason – I believe, is because, a society must have certain regularization else too-much democratic way leads to nothingness. It is too early to be panicky or shocked with the news. We need to look at how Malaysia and the states, in discussion, take the ruling to the people – if it leads to a catastrophe then we might need a serious discussion. We must agree ‘majority of the world is a householder’ and gayism is an opportunity but inherent practice. [Rest in peace.]

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Searching Paigah Tombs @Hyderabad

It was to keep the dead peacefully, after they are gone. The sunny surroundings warming the cold bodies in dark graves are a refreshing ‘find’ to otherwise, ruined historic Hyderabad. In fact, I’m bored looking at the city ruins – dilapidated and sandy; a painful eyesore.

And, after three years of haul; finally the discovery is enthusing in many ways. The rich stuccoed and intricate ‘jalis’ of Paigah Tombs, or as locally famous ‘Maqhbara Shums-Ul-Umra’ tucked in one of the dingy alleys is almost a discovery or invention. Created in 1787, the several generations of Paigah nobles were found to have their graves in this particularly gorgeous mausoleum where the sunrays from the perforated marble screens draw geometrical designs and floral patterns on the calm marble floors.

[Unfortunately, many of the Hyderabadis are unaware of its existence, even the Google Maps shows a more complicated route; which leads to a graveyard instead. The best way to make to Paigah Tombs is to hire an auto from Yakutpura Railway Station to Owaisi Hospital, Santosh Nagar. The tombs are located in the lane opposite to the hospital.]