Sunday, September 1, 2013

A New Me is on Uprise...

This blog is dead because the one who used to write oozing with pain and want to lay to rest. 

- From a wounded soul. (RIP, Myself)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

I'm Gay Even When I am Asleep!

Eating the self-made fish patties for the lunch can causes mental diarrhea with severe dream constipation. It happened so that while I was having my afternoon siesta, like any other Bengali ‘bhadrolok’, after having 6-7 fish patties I dreamt:

My dead father woke me up, this morning, but I found him sleeping inside the car. My driver, Zia standing beside the car, pulls out a carrier filled with ‘chicken biryani’. Both men start feeding each together. What? My father (who is dead) and my driver (who will be dead soon). [...I’m the only guy who wants his father to be gay...]

Leaving both the old gentlemen to each other’s company, I start driving the car seating in a crumpled state. When I was at the flyover that connects Appu Ghar to Secunderabad Station, I realised that my seating position needs to be changed and start adjusting my seat by opening the door. A policeman helped me...(how unreal this dream could be?)

Finally, I parked my car in a forgotten place and decide to take the metro-rail to reach home. I left my car keys at home.

In the station, a gang of girls, playing with colours fell in love with me. I realised, I’m a not a straight guy [how melodramatic] and so, I dumped them all; except a fat girl with ponytails with whom I got married. [I seriously need to operate myself now...] Thankfully, the dream sequence repaired the reel soon, [I can never be a straight - not even in my dream...uhuh!] so I start running away from the fat-girl and finally, escaped through a tunnel to the flyover where Appu Ghar meets Secunderabad. [I saved my 'gayhood'....yeah!]

Now, I am awake. Can anybody tell me where I parked the car?