Saturday, January 22, 2011

First Photo Blogging

Of late, I am concentrating hard to become a Pro-Photographer and lose the tag of being 'the amateur' or 'wannabe'. The journey is truly evolutionary rather than unprecedented. But, it's nice to camouflage and make it 'historic' by crediting my 'Boromama' who instilled within me the passion with his superb work. (Most of which are now lost...sigh!) 

So, it take three years experimenting with my Nikon Coolpix P60 and then, P90 and travelling around the parts of India till I dare to make these worthily posting that, on personal note, is my best. 

The  Blue Window: Shot at IDPL Colony, Hyderabad the color and the setup was tempting and I hopefully did the required due. Windows and doors often attract me maybe I love the idea of a 'peeping tom' but there's always a mystic associated to the partially ajar windows and door. However, the key point of this photograph could possible be the wall which broken open. 

White and Blue: I always wish to do this photograph and have seen it among many great photographer's profile. This is my version, shot in Balanagar opposite to Az's house. 

A Small Wish: Oh, yea! I did some photo-editing for this and it doesn't appear 'bad with splash of coloring. Shot near the Balanagar, Hyderabad (opposite to the mosque where Az was praying). A short trivia to this photography - when a was alarming a soulful rendition over the loudspeaker praying 'wishes be granted', the child stand before the Hero Honda bike thoughtfully. Someday, his wish will also be granted...hopefully.

School Days: This photograph reminds me of the turmoil of 'being schooled'. The strappy bag laden with books which are of no-use and open no window to growing up. The dusty road is symbolic to hard life need to walk, so keep marching. Books give no education but life does...

Happily Employed: Shot nearby the school area at IDPL, Hyderabad where the two children fiddling with the public phone booth to figure out whom to call. School days are full of grievances and there's no helpline. I always had a silent days when at school or college. Maybe, that's why I look at children in a pitiable light. 

Quacks at Best: India has splurge of quacks and sex-afflicted life. People are curious, eager, violent but unaware of their sexual self. The advertisement posted by one of the roadside quacks nearby the Balanagar, Hyderabad is equally confusing as its client. Just read it...(Enjoy!)

Windows again: The broken window looking at the dark room through the cobwebs is one of the best shot after a long time of photography. They tell story of a life that once have occupied it but now disowned and ignored. The photography reminds me of the life an its practicality (maybe, that's why I have changed it to black-and-white). Used and Ignored!

Once a Ruling Prince: The AP9R 1138 is an Ambassador that once being the pride to its owner (when bought) but now stand under the shade with layers of dust on its wind shield and bonnet. She is ignored and dying a painful but slow death. Life is like AP9R 1138. 

All photos are copyrighted by me. 

Friday, January 14, 2011

Anything interesting…

Scratched my scalp more than often, rephrased the title more than often, smoked cigarettes more than usual but still trying to figure out anything interesting. The answer is ‘zilch’. Ui-ma! How could I turn to a ‘Plain Jane’ in past one-year?

Trying hard and harder and now hardest…! Anything interesting…(zilch). There’s nothing, almost nothing in my life worthy to pen-down. So, finally give-it-up and zilch!

Yearly Random Thoughts…

Resplendent wintry morning… and the year in its full throttle. There’s many a thing happened since the last time I blog. Wish I could have been writing more often now.