Monday, February 28, 2011

Dreaming Last Night

Most often, I end up dreaming now-a-days. Not a good sign though but it’s a kind of escape from current state. And, last night I dreamt about being dead – leaving my bereaved mother. It was a sorry[ful] sight but I found myself sleeping nonchalantly.

No friends, no shrouds, nobody around – it was quiet death, and I was laid in some unknown earth by few men. I dreamt of my mother listening to the rituals and was the only person “sad”. [Sigh!] This brings me back to normal senses and spent the night recalling one person who’s close to me; I find none. All are ‘history’. [Hmmph!]

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Living among Homophobes and Homosexuals - A Tie

Okay, everyone got these fundamental rights like ‘a flaccid dildo’ – have it on the closet but unusable. That’s what the ‘Big Book’ says. So, last week we had a dildo fight.

It all started when a regional news cramp from undersexed staffers sneaking into the private chambers of few gay men and end up sniffing them unwashed. However, the best is yet to come (or cum). High on their orgasm, these crew-members start ejaculating televizle ending into a society creampie. Jesus!   

Well, somebody has to pay the price […in a homophobic world]. So, they pick a few ‘un-naturals’ (I don’t support); made them look sleazy, soft-core maniacs and did an expose.  Come on! What a journalistic masturbation! Did somebody realize it’s an intrusion and exposing that the world is either homosexual or homophobic? Goddamn’ revelation.

So, what the ‘Big Book’ did then? Snub the fundamentals. (I got an advice. ‘Let us live’: we do no harm. But make a living by loving [our] self.) To the moral police: Don’t you have better things to do in life?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Eroding Education - 1: (Series Post)

I’m an Instructional Designer [since it will take hours to explain my job so better skip that for another post] worked with oppressively numbing cubicles in hermetically-sealed offices with Corporate Alzheimer’s; my job sucks!

Interestingly, one of my workplace recently published a sales presentation wherein claim to bring change to the lives of 3.8 million people that inspires me to write the blog. (Unedited reaction: WTF!) Excuse me Corporate Ballers, did anyone realize that we do nothing but produce pseudo-animated content over the Flash application and host it over a Management System to bring moolah. Neither the client nor we cared whether it makes any contribution or not. Outrageous!

Proponents of Instructional design and eLearning gurus may take any offence but I’ve a reason to my big mouth. This goes as a disclaimer which will be ignored as a common practice.   

First and foremost, we are protégés of an education system that force students to ‘rote’ their lines without realizing the conceptual framework; and secondly, we’re made to believe a fact straight-jacketed than question or discover them. No doubt, National Education System is at grave degradation phase. Thus, we can’t revive or bring a change to a single, forget the millions. [Hyper-reactive agents can react now.]

Now, let’s debate. According to my opinion (which I’ve on everything around me) we ain’t made as ‘thinkers’ thus we can’t be good educationist. Period. Our self-learning is based on politically-practiced education thus; we can’t rationalize our own thought beyond belief. We are the by-products of the education system that politically muzzled to make citizens a state or nation.  

Citizen, as universally defined, is a native or naturalized member of a state or political community. Thus, he/she is a political person [who] owns certain rights or duties towards the state or the nation to which it belongs. Hence, the two word – ‘citizen’ and ‘politics’ should be used interchangeable and inseparably. Now, how does this influence the education system of [our] society?

This is a big mess. A citizen being a political person has its own belief based on certain principles or dogmas propounded by leaders who influences the thought. Every man is not a leader or a thinker. Some seeks inspiration. [Factual tip: Most follow and few leads.] This is the key to erosion within the education system and learning process or a citizen gradually.

Gifted with special oratory skills, the leader(s) always has an edge over the fellow citizen because they grow powerful in a society to the extent of being invincible and authoritative – both into a Democratic or Fascist environment. You can’t avoid this or control. No voting out is not the solution. It’s a mechanism to replace one political system/ ideology with another without changing the fundamental issue. And, what is that?

In a political system, leaders believe to bring a change and set an example that continues to exist for the rest of the Earth Life. In a process, leaders get involved in brainstorming to shape the nation’s education system and use it as a mode to propagate. Citizens read what the system offers. Thus, leading to the conflict of thesis and anti-thesis within a politically charged society where a particular ideology is strongly enforced and forcefully.  

In an instructional way, ‘forced learning’ is a formula to educational and mental depravation. Generations after generations of Earth Life we succumbed to it thus, education in the modern society that eroded beyond recognition.

Education is the fundamental platform to make citizens of a state or nation and should [be] freed from political or biblical governance. If [education] is impartial in nature, and not influenced or governed by the political institutions, [it] invariably leads a person to rationalize, question, and inquire till they discover. 

I would love to throw examples to support my theory but hold them meanwhile for other posts; thus creating a thread for future discussion. To conclude, “…education system doesn’t need a revision but absolute rebuilding”. Given this purview, I don’t agree that web learning solution companies in India (at least) could even contribute or have scope of action within.

The sales presentation should read, “…we are edging faster to a Corporate Cannibal by notoriously by eating up the Mom and Pop elearning shops out of business.” Come let’s be the party poachers. 

Friday, February 11, 2011

One Serious Blogging Finally

Tuesday morning 7: 30 a.m.
Logged into my system and then to Facebook like any other day. But, it wasn’t a usual day – it can’t be one again. Posted with photographs of giggling friends in the [now] unkempt lawns of the institution that played a pivotal role in my growing up; my Wall was never as colorful as it is today.

Ah! The School…the school friends…the famous Spring Fest…

In fact, nothing has changed except of the ceiling that heavily needs a plastering, wooden benches that need carpentry, and wall that needs to be repainted. Despite of shortfalls, the old lady stands in silence with bellowing holiness within. She witnessed many school-goers [like me] crawled onto her and then, left. Years-after-years!

Personally, I’m go-getter kinds who lend many but borrowed a zilch. I’m quite a brooding old autocrat quite old-fashioned and speak a lot. I boast for having ‘never begged’ even when I need the most – [but] – had never returned to the institution which made my beliefs. I never realized or cared to paint the walls, or replace the broken glasses or offer a hand to facelift – the institution.

Springs after spring…more depreciation added. And, this spring a piety within me have usurped. Time to give back; time to give it back to one that matters ‘the most’.