Friday, July 6, 2012

Yearning, Longing (Alone in City)

I ain't a brood yet, there's nothing significant left to live after AZ depart. In fact, what he has left behind are the 'cherished memories' and a life; and continued. We still talk over the phone, although, it costs me damn. But, nothing worth than listening to him. (He is gradually settling down. Good.)

As for me, here's a few lines that wraps it all.

- I -
Hath the blossomed spring, be withered away, from my orchard
For, my dear love, left me to my own.
The butter bed, now longing for a body, to crumble its folds
But, dear sleep - hath kept me awake, all alone.

- II -
Yunhi kuch baatyon ko, bayan karne ki, izzazzat nahi hoti...
Ab, hum tanha kyun hai? yeh, kaise kahe?

Sojourn love.

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